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Smart and stable. More advanced control algorithms in the industry

Adopt world-leading data fusion and control algorithms

The motor responds faster, the anti-interference ability is stronger, the picture effect is more stable, and the picture quality experience is more real.

Stabilizing effect is particularly significant

Normal shooting by mobile phone

VILTA-M cradle stabilization shooting

  • 5h
  • 10h
  • 14h
  • 17h
A single charge lasts for 17 hours

Intelligent quick charging and safe battery life

1900mAH intelligent battery management system

Overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, low power protection, trickle charge

Accurate power management makes VILTA-M safer and longer to use

Multi-azimuth angle adjustment, 360 degree infinite rotation

Pitch, roll, level adjustable Angle, easy to find beautiful Angle

Roll rotate 360 ° with dazzling kaleidoscope visual effects, to achieve more varied creation mode, new effects

6 modes of APP, Cool visual effects at hand
Free Hyperlapse

Free Hyperlapse, show personality

  • Standard Mode

    Different from the normal straight moving shooting path, VILTA-M supports 3 degrees of freedom moving delay shooting and smoothness adjustment of shooting path, playing with your wireless imagination

  • Free Mode

    Support mobile routh that set freely; Unique creative motion pictures bring you a more dynamic visual feast

Panoramic shoot

Panoramic photo, one-click synthesis

The panoramic frame is set as you like, and the automatic shooting is seamlessly combined.

180°,330°, 3 x 3,3 x 5(Super wide angle)

POV mode

Three axes move together, immersive

Let the lens move freely with the first view,smooth movement, restore the most realistic look and feel

Long exposure

Whether it’s a trickle, a bustling or a starry track

Slow door records the psychedelic visual effects under the light





Slow Motion

The mobile phone quickly becomes a high-speed camera, and it is a unique upgraded photography art.

Feel the visual impact of stopping time

Object tracking

Facial recognition, object tracking, unbelievable follow shooting experience.

Unimaginable follow shoot experience, support for lost subject retrieve.


There are 11 filters for you to choose from.


  • LOMO


  • TIME




  • COOL


  • SOFT


Stabilization effect of extraordinary cradle

Industry - leading cradle motor control algorithm


Faster motor response speed


Higher stability accuracy


The image is 3 times more stable than competitive products.

Ordinary mobile phone shooting
VILTA-M cradle stabilization shooting

Professional app

powerful editing features

You can edit your photos and videos directly on the FV Share app. The app is powerful, not only for graphic design, color adjustment, editing and cutting, but also for uploading directly to the mainstream social platform after editing, without having to switch, save, re-edit

Process and design

Through hundreds of calculations, dozens of improvements, VILTA-M has an ergonomic handle design

VILTA-M has ergonomic handle design

Product Name VILTA-M Model VT10
Dimensions 275*115*40mm Weight 520g
Mobilephone Width Range 48-85mm Payload 230g
Mechanical Range of Pan Axis 360° (Infinite Rotation) Battery Type Lithium
Mechanical Range of Tilt Axis 250° Battery Capacity 1900mAh
Mechanical Range of Roll Axis 180° Voltage 7.4V
Max Controllable Speed ±500°/ s Operating Time 17H
Wifi Type Bluetooth 4.2 Operating Temperature -5°—40°
Super stability 17 hours battery capacity 360° infinite rotation Motion time lapse
Blockbuster Panoramas IntelliTrace Filters Beautify Rubber coating material
Follow Your Beauty